Industry Solutions

Auto Sales/Rental/Auction Lots

Large auto yards with fluctuating inventory can quickly become a place of security vulnerability.  Protect your vehicles from the threat of theft with an added layer of security attached to your existing or new chain link fence system.

  • Customize the system to your needs
  • Uniquely identified fence zones allow a fast and appropriate alarm response time
  • Deter threats from entering your property
  • Detect where the threat is occurring. 

Cultivation Farm and Facilities

Protect your inventory from those looking to make a quick and easy dollar.  With the rise of cultivation farms and facilities across the nation, there has also been a rise in theft in this industry.  Add additional protection to secure your inventory and keep your employees safe.

  • Visual deterrent for intruders with signs and the wires
  • Stops the ability to be able to cut through chain link fence
  • Non-lethal electric pulse gives security without liability
  • Customized system to monitor and meet the needs of your site

Manufacturing and Commercial Sites

If your business depends on inventory or vehicles that sit in the open, Pulse Defence can add extra protection to your existing fence system.  Protect what is the core of your businesse's income, with a safe, cost efficient layer of additional security.

  • Customize the system to monitor and meet the needs of your site
  • Monitor the farthest parts of your property without having to rely on cameras
  • A non-lethal electric pulse will deter intruders from entering your property

Equipment/Machinery Sales and Service

Protect your equipment and service vehicles from the threat of theft or vandalism.  Vast yards and back corners are an ideal place for theft to occur.

  • Pulse Defence gives you an additional layer of security
  • Uniquely identified fence zones allows a fast and appropriate alarm response
  • Regulated electrical pulses around the fence give a short, safe deterrent shock
  • Designed to minimize false alarms

Distribution and Warehouse:

When the core of your business is sitting outside on truck trailers or in a yard, make sure you don’t grow lenient on security.  Add additional security to your inventory yard and keep out intruders.

  • Pulse Defence will deliver a safe short electrical pulse to deter an intruder
  • Restrict access to your site where and how you see fit
  • Optional zoned areas for exit/entry routes and gates
  • Instant alarm zones for standard perimeter protection

Salvage Yards

Valuable metals, small parts, rows of inventory and valuable equipment makes salvage yards an optimal place for an intruder to target. Stop the intruder before they even think about entering your property, with Pulse Defence

  • Warning signs and wires deter an intruder from ever trying to enter
  • A non-lethal electric pulse will keep them from going any farther than the fence line
  • Zoned areas will alarm to let you know where the intrusion is taking place
  • The system can grow and change with your needs