About Pulse Defence

Deter Intruders

Pulse Defence is a non-lethal security option that puts out a pulse of electricity to deter any breach in the fenced area.  It is a safe alternative to a traditional electric fence.  The system's look and clearly marked high voltage signs keep intruders away from your assets.

Detect Break-ins

Pulse Defence allows you to detect when an intruder is trying to enter your property.  If the intruder tries to cut the wires, climb over the fence, or cover the wires, an alarm will sound notifiing you of the intrusion.  Zoned areas give you the ability to know where an intruder has breached your property at and act accordingly.


  • Added layer of security to your new or existing fence system
  • Anti-Climb features that will stop the ability to climb the fence
  • Easy Installation by a Certified Dealer
  • Meets Internationa Standards IEC - 60035.2.6
  • Low and High Voltage options
  • Can be installed on most fence or wall barriers
  • Solutions to all weather conditions
  • No false alarms